It’s hard to distill a lifetime spent building beautiful homes down to just a few highlights, but we’ve tried to give you an overview of the quality that Lawless Wagner Builders have become known for here in Tasmania. Whether it’s a new home or taking a preloved building and adding a new chapter to its story, Lawless Wagner Builders will work with you to see your dream come true.

Everyone loves a home cooked meal and we all love spending time soaking in a warm tub after a long day at work so why not do it in beautiful surrounds? Every kitchen and bathroom built by Lawless Wagner Builders will have you wanting to spend more time in them than you probably should. But then that’s what you want from your home isn’t it? A place that you’re not only proud of, but love spending time in. We’ve gathered together a few examples of our work below to showcase our commitment to every build we’re involved in. Enjoy . . .

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